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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Venice with friends.

Hi there,
Back from a super weekend in Venice, just about getting back to normal now.

We hit Venice on Friday around lunch time after an early flight departure from Stanstead Airport.
I could say that was when the fun and laughter started, but I'd be lying because as soon as we met up with our four best friends the laughter started!!

Laughing about Snapchat - if you've never looked at this app I suggest you do - it's hilarious as you can see by our faces!  Videos of distorted facial features and high pitched voices - enough said.😂!

We were picked up in our private transfer & whisked away to alight our private water taxi - such an impressive way to meet this beautiful city, passing through narrow water ways, under magnificent bridges, spying waterside cafes and restaurants.  Marvelling at the stunning buildings, the architecture, the domes and the towers that spread across the skyline.

Soon we were speeding across to the Lido & our Hotel Helvetia where we were spending the next three nights.

A quieter destination which at one end has a gorgeous beach.  We stopped there for a bit - deciding to have a little snack & to quench our thirst.  Taking in not only the prosecco, but the ambience and surroundings - this journey had finally come to fruition, it had taken five years of planning (& persuading) now we were actually here!

The sunset over Venice were simply stunning, the vivacious colours of blue, purple, red, orange and yellow were awesome - leaving memories that will stay etched in my mind forever 💞💞.......

Saturday was filled with sightseeing, stopping for food and drinks, all with lots of laughter.  I have to say it was very busy through the streets, with a mixture of people from all nationalities around us.
I also spotted stacks of platform walkways in the alleyways and squares - I'd heard that Venice had flooded but assumed it was a joke - clearly not!
Early evening we made out way back to the hotel to get changed and head out to eat on the Lido.
The food was typical of Italy, pizza, pasta & meat, we were spoilt for choice - but between us we all had a taste of nearly everything on the menu!

My Roman originals jersey dress fitted in well with my trip, non-crease (always a bonus) & warm enough for the slight chill in the air.  My white denim jacket was just right for the whole weekend - it goes with anything.  Love this abstract pattern in these transitional colours, & it was a flattering fit too.  I'm going to be looking out for a similar style for Winter.

Sunday morning and again we visited Venice by Water Bus - which is quite an experience!  Hopping on and off the boat to the jetty with undulating waves was a feat in it's self.  All managing to get aboard in one piece. They were packed to the brim with locals and sightseers, it's such a great way to see Venice from a boat.

Another lovely meal on Sunday night in the Hotel Albergo Ausonia & Hungaria, one of the best on the island - so you can imagine how wonderful that meal was.
The hotel was full of ornate furniture, paintings and old pictures, the lights were elegant and big! Everything about the Hotel was stunning.  We dined on Steak with dauphinoise  potatoes ( sorry no photos I ate it too quickly!) Finishing the meal with apple pie and cream. Washed down with the obvious! Prosecco of course.
I wore my Next jersey dress that I took away to L'Escala earlier this year.  It's one of those dresses that fits like a glove making you feel at ease in it.  The colour navy suits most people and the length is great for a classic, sophisticated look.  Paired with white accessories, I felt great in it. X

Monday arrived way too quickly and it was time to return home.  Sad to leave, but happy to see the family.  So Venice will be a memory to look back on, but maybe the first of many trips aboard with our friends.

I bought this pretty bead necklace as a little reminder of my weekend in Venice city, however it wasn't from the shop in the pictured above - that shop window had items displayed that didn't have price tags attached ..... I'll say no more!!!!

I'd like to send a big "Thank You" to my hubby and four friends for making my second trip to Venice a very memorable one.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you'll be back again on Monday.

Until then it's be great re-living Venice - if you've never been it's one to check out for sure.

Bye ... X


Monday, 18 September 2017

Mummab - Third Style Stea!

Hi there....
Monday morning and the third Monday in September can only mean one thing - my style steal.

This style steal has a slight twist on it, in as much as the colours are the same, but the outfit is different!
When I saw this mix up I just knew this was going to be a challenge!  It's time to step up to the mark. Let's hope I succeed!

Who doesn't think that black, hot cerise pink and leopard print are a match made in heaven?  Best buddies forever?  Yes I know I'm not alone so had to make this steal work.

Who's style have I chosen for September? Read on to find out who ......

When I saw Emma from The Style Splash wearing this striking outfit I knew it was one for me to try and copy. 
I had seen these classy Culottes c/o M & S when searching through their Sale rail, but they evaded my thoughts, & I passed them buy - silly me, so spotting Emma wearing them and looking so vibrant and bold in one of my favourite colours I felt quite miffed to say the least -  the saying 'you snooze you lose' came to mind!!!

Congratulating myself when I purchased this bright and lively cerise dress, which just so happened to be care of M & S sale rail some weeks later!
The A line shape works well for the Autumn, as does the bell sleeves - a personal favourite of mine.  I also fancied the tie detail on the back of the neck, I've left this to hang, although I could have tied in a bow as I wore my hair in a bun when we took the photos.
These black boots have been in my collection since just before last Christmas when I saw them in
TK Maxx and bought them with haste, boots like these don't stay in that store too long!   I do struggle with shoes and sandals, spending various amounts of money and still some hurt my feet!  But these are fine for me. Check out when I last wore these black boots with tights and knitted dress from Roman Originals.
This cute clutch is the token gesture of leopard print,  not quite as bold as Emma's but I think fits nicely into my outfit. 

I do have to own up to the fact that this is slightly tight on the arms, I had planned to return the dress because of this, but hadn't realised no refund or exchange is offered on 'final clearance sale' items, so the dress came home with me!  Slightly annoyed that I hadn't checked this - will do so next time!

I hope you managed to catch sight of my previous 'copies' but you can check them out right here July and August.

Many thanks once again to Esther Ruby for taking such super photos - you're a star!

Hope you'll stop by on Thursday, but until then it's been fabulous as usual. X

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Tan trousers & Packing for Venice!

Morning, how are you? 
Thanks for stopping by today I'm busy packing for Venice!  Off early, very early tomorrow morning with hubby and four friends for a weekend of partying, drinking, eating and sightseeing - & I can't wait.
I've been channelling my thoughts to gather a 'capsule suitcase' over the past week, and hope to have come up with a suitable amount of clothes for both day and night.
Three one piece outfits for the evenings, by way of two dresses and one maxi dress, plus accessories including one pair of evening sandals.  Three pairs of cropped trousers, one denim, one gingham & one pair of white denim, along with matching tops.  White denim jacket, wrap and cardigan.  One pair of comfortable footwear, plus sandals.

I can't wait to get away, it's been a while since we've had a break and feel in need of one.  I keep day dreaming about gondolas, Bellini cocktails and pasta - I love pasta! All with "O sole mio" in the background. Yes & there'll probably be an ice cream or two.  Won't be long now!!! Yay.

Anyway back to today there's a blog to get posted before I should even think about getting away.
Do you ever buy an item and simply adore wearing it?  That's just how I feel about these tan peg trousers.  The soft feel, the comfortable fit, the perfect length and how they look.  These tick all my boxes making these trousers and exceptional buy at just £15 from Apricot sale.   I just knew I'd be wearing these as often as I could!  Having worn them here with turquoise & a blush cream blouse.  I'll enjoy these throughout Autumn because they'll work with so many other colours.
Today I wore them with my F & F off white fluted sleeve top, here's another way to wear that.
You can see it's becoming the scarf season because I'm wearing a blue and white example.  I quite like the season getting cooler when I can reach for a scarf to match my outfit.  With over fifty in my collection, there's always one that will fit!

I bought this cross-over bag in Matalan, I feel a little boho when I use it, and reckon I can pair it with most colours for a casual look. It's got an inner zip and two pockets with enough room for my purse, phone, keys, and some make-up - a good all round bag.

Trousers from Apricot.
Blouse from F & F.
Shoes from Debenhams.
Scarf from Primark.
Bag from Matalan.

So pleased you could stop by today, Hope to see you on Monday.
It's the third update of the Style Steal, you'll be able to see who I'm copying, so I hope you'll give me a visit!  Here's the two previous steals from July August, let me know what you think, I'll be waiting for your comments. X

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Photos courtesy of Esther Ruby. X


Monday, 11 September 2017

Styling denim culottes.

Hi there, hope you've all had a fabulous weekend.
How's your transitional shopping going?
I need to have a day to go through my wardrobe and sort things out!
So much disorganisation in there I can't seem to find anything, searching for stuff, and finding something I was previously looking for, what I actually need is a bigger closet!

So back to today, what am I wearing?
Well this outfit I actually wore a few weeks ago.  Having seen denim culottes on a few blogs I thought they might be a good choice to have for Autumn, this has proved to be a great decision because I've worn them umpteen times since I bought them.
They go with so much of my wardrobe, feel comfortable and look casual with a hint of style.
Pairing a blush pink long sleeved blouse which I got from Primark ages ago.  I like the fact it has a blouson effect on the front, but the back remains like shirt tails - great for tucking in or left to hang (and cover me bum!)
As always a cute necklace with a little bit of bling in it - picking out my outfit colours perfectly.
I've also added the recent sale item I bought from H &M, this snood will go a long way with my outfits, adding depth along with keeping me warm!  This was only £3 in the sale!  I can't wait to wear it again.

What about a backpack for a lady over fifty?  Yep I think I can get away with it, however this one was borrowed from Esther, we both thought it fitted in quite well with my look - I may have to buy one, what do you think? amazon similar

I popped on these suede wedge sandals, firstly because they matched colour wise with the snood, and secondly they were peep toe.  I'm pining for a pair of peep toe boots, but so far they've not been found.  I'm not giving in yet, I will find some & hopefully before the weather really changes!!

I'd just like to send my love & best wishes to all who are going through a tough time in the States.  I have been watching the TV news and hope you are staying safe and not suffering too much from the horrendous weather. 😔

So I'm off now, I'll catch up with you on Thursday. x

Culottes from Debenhams
Blouse from Primark  (past season)
Snood H &M
Bag from Esther Ruby
Shoes Debenhams Faith?

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Photos c/o Esther Ruby. X

Bye & stay safe x


Thursday, 7 September 2017

Happiness Boutique - I Feel Happy!

Morning lovelies,
How is Thursday Going - we're doing well the weekend is in sight!

Today I sharing some happiness, in the form of a beautiful necklace and earrings from
Happiness Boutique!
I pondered the website for absolutely ages trying to choose from their extensive range of fashion jewellery. I literally wanted everything - like a child in a sweet shop!
Be your style glamorous, boho, classic or minimalist there will be something to suit your style and pocket most definitely.
Their range includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings in various styles and trends that will match even the fussiest person's outfit.
I settled on the obvious - something with lots of bling on!

.... So onto my picks
I've got a vast selection of necklaces hanging in my room and tend to wear some sort of neck wear most of the time.  This little beauty will be a welcome addition to my collection.

This stylish Silver pearls crystal statement necklace* has silver pearls between the crystal droplets making it a stunning accessory for just about any outfit - paired today with these bright and bold culottes I recently acquired from George @ Asda for a mere £12.50 - going to get plenty of wear from these over the next few months - I just love this colour, just right for Autumn styling.  Panning through my wardrobe I found this H & M past season blouse, it's got the exact matching colour in the pattern & I new it would work so well with my new spicy mustard trousers!
I decided to wear the Starlight Burst Statement Earrings* with my outfit today, but I'd be equally happy to wear them on their own.  They're big enough to be seen and will make a big impression for your stylish outfit - and remember if they don't hurt your ears, they're not big enough! Lol. 😉

Happiness Boutique offer Free Shipping along with a customer reward program,

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you'll get yourself over to the Happiness Boutique to grab a great deal, I'm happy to share you can get a special 10% discount if you use 'mummabstylish' at checkout, this is on orders over 19 Euros & is valid until 7th October.  Go on grab your own beauty - you know you want to!

Until Monday, catch more from MummaB on Instagram - I'd love to see you there. X

Bye for now.

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