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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

This is me...Mummabstylish

This is me, Jacqui a wife, mum, daughter, nan and a fiftyish year old fashion/lifestyle blogger.

I love fashion, looking nice and I love shopping!  With my children grown up I can spend more time styling outfits suitable for different occasions, and shopping for any pieces I don't have in my wardrobe, but need to complete the looks I want.

When I started this blog I had a very defined style, by way of a three colour rule, this has now changed.  I now incorporate pops of colour in a neutral look or maybe two patterns that previously I could not have or would not have tried.
Although sometimes it's nice to go back to my 'roots' with my three colour looks.

I live in Kent, with four out of my five children, my eldest lives some five minutes away with her husband, my little princess and prince.

Me and hubby now have only one little dog called Roxy after recently losing our much loved dog Candy.

In my spare time I love dancing lessons, keep fit classes, cooking, eating out and holidays.

So I'd love you to join me as I blog through the weeks about my life, my look and my loves.

Enjoy ...



  1. Hey there, love your blog! I wanted to drop you a line regarding a project. Please can you let me know your email address or drop me a line on Thanks!

    1. Hi Holly, Hope you're all good - I'm still interested in the possibility of a project! Cheers Hun..

  2. Lovely dress, such a great colour :)

    Thanks for stopping by Creative Mondays

    1. So sorry I've just spotted this, thank you so much and yes a great colour..x


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