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Thursday 27 May 2021

At Home with Anna - Anna's Island Style - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Good morning everyone.
Thanks for stopping by.

How's things going for you?
A better day weather wise for me today, no rain!!! Yep how good is that.  I went to town and didn't get wet today, unlike my visit on Monday.  
I came home to cut the grass.  I can confirm it's worn me out!  We have a huge front garden and back, I only did the front and the side verge - all this rain and a little sunshine makes everything grow!!

I stopped by Matalan on Tuesday to look for a pair of mules, didn't have the ones I wanted so will have to order them online, I did find a super pair of flat mules - you may have seen them on my Instagram Stories, but if not they'll be on here soon I'm sure.  I also found a really pretty necklace in the sale, just had to buy it as it's so sparkly - I do love to wear a bit of bling!

So enough about me, shall we see who's in the spotlight for my new monthly series ...
At Home With ....

She's a blogging queen who I love and adore & I'm sure you admire her too.  Her unique style is something to behold and I love to see what she creates every week - sometimes summoning up the courage to copy her looks!

... she's told me before sometimes she just throws clothes on the bed together and see what jumps out at her - I've tried this on a number of occasions and once or twice have come up with interesting looks, so I know it works I just don't always have the guts to do it! Lol

Anna's style is very flamboyant and I love to muse over her outfits that she seems to put together with ease - she's told me before sometimes she just throws clothes on the bed together and see what jumps out at her - I've tried this on a number of occasions and once or twice have come up with interesting looks, so I know it works I just don't always have the guts to do it! Lol
So let's hear more about my good friend.

When and why did you start blogging.

  • I Started blogging 6 years ago.  My daughter suggested I take it up when I was talking about the empty nest syndrome after she had ping-ponged back and forth between home and travelling. finally leaving me wondering what on earth I would fill my time with!

I know you live on Tresco, tell us more about your home and why you live there.
  • I live on this tiny island of Tresco and my house overlooks the sea.  Tresco is a private estate which means that you are given a house with the job.  We were just about to have our first baby when my husband was offered this detached house right on the edge of the beach.  We've been here for 32 years now and can't imagine living anywhere else.        

Do you have a favourite outfit you'd like to share with us if so why?
  • My favourite outfit at the moment is one I wore recently.  It's a polka dot dress worn with a big fluffy red petticoat and finished off with red shoes.   

How do you get on with the technical side of blogging - are you trained or self taught?
  • I'm very lucky with the technical side of things as my best friend helps with most of that.  I have some basic knowledge, but anything tricky and I call her in!

Where do you get your inspiration from?
  • Ha ha ha, that's a very good question.  Inspiration is all around - on social media, on TV and most often the colours in my wardrobe spark off an idea for a new combination of pieces that excite and inspire me.

What is your favourite holiday destination?

  • My all time favourite holiday had to be New Zealand.  Steve and I hired a camper van and toured around both the north and south islands for a month, which by the way, wasn't long enough.  the scale of the scenery was jaw dropping and I would have moved there in a heartbeat if we could have.

I know you sea swim, do you have any other hobbies?

  • I love my daily lunchtime walks with my best friend.  We yomp around a circuit of the island in an hour every lunchtime during the working week.  It's not only a brilliant was to tone up, but we have a chance to exchange news while enjoying the beautiful views.

Who takes your photos, can you give us some tips?

  • My husband and best friend Fiona take photos for me, but I've recently perfected the art of self photography using a tripod, a counterweight to stop it falling over, and a timer on my camera.  My one tip would be to learn to love the camera - smile at it as if it's the love of your life.  If you love the camera it will love you right back.  I used to feel really anxious about having my photo taken, but then I read that bit of advice and it changed everything.

Do you prefer tea or coffee, or something else.

  • My tea is actually hot water with a wedge of fresh lemon sweetened with honey.  It makes the perfect hot drink for after my sea swimming adventures.

Are there any bloggers that you look to for help and ideas ... do share who you admire.

  • Blaire Eadie is top of my inspiration list.  Mel of A bag and a Beret is another quirky model for me.  And you were a huge inspiration doing your dressing room posts during lock-down - thank you!     No - thank you Anna - I'm chuffed. X

Wow Anna, thank you so much for your honest and interesting answers to my questions.  It's so nice to learn more about you my friend.

Please do check out Anna's other social media sites, you can find her on ....
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#Chicandstylish #LINKUP time.

Favourite blogger from last week is .... Grace - Graceful Rags Who's sharing a post I quite frankly couldn't agree more with!  I hate online shopping and love to shop in person for all the reasons Grace states - a fabulous read Hunnies. x

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Glad to have you viewing today - thanks for sparing the time.
Photos c/o .... Anna.
Looking forward to seeing what you've been wearing and doing recently.
Bye for today. X



  1. Jacqui,

    This is a great series. I like that you've used your platform to bring notice to other bloggers. Anna does have a great style which is full of inspirations.


  2. Great feature, Jacqui. I am loving lots of Annas outfits :) Thanks so much for hosting.

    I have reopened Creative Mondays, The Wednesday Link Up and The Weekend Link up after a tough year if you're interested in joining us some time :)

  3. Thank you for letting us know a bit more about Anna. I love her style, she has a very strong vision on how she sees herself and delivers its in spade. I admire her ability to throw in together bright bold prints and colours into amazing outfits

  4. Ah. Lovely to see Anna here. I think we all admire her bravery of colourful outfits. A really lovely lady too IRL xx

  5. Anna certainly has a massive amount of style! I love her fun and colourful outfits and her home is absolutely gorgeous! I'm super envious that she lives so close to the sea. Fab interview, Jacqui!
    Suzy xx

  6. I hadn't seen Anna's blog before so thank you for sharing! I like her colourful outfits, I will have to check it out!

    Thanks for the link up :)

    Hope you are having a nice week :)

    Away From The Blue

  7. This is such a great series to discover new bloggers! Love Anna's bright and vibrant looks and so fun to learn about her!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  8. This was fun: I had not heard of Anna and I will have to check out her blog now. What a fun and vibrant style and what a beautiful place to live!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing Anna's style and her story! She definitelly has an incredible taste! I love her every outfit!


  10. Lovely post Jacqui, it was very nice to get to know a little bit about a fellow blogger with such an interesting story and great style! Thanks for sharing and the link up!

  11. What a fun Anna!

  12. Loved this post-Thanks for introducing this new to me blogger! I love her fashion sense and will now definitely follow her!

  13. I love love that teal print dress! So beautiful and all the looks are lovely! Have a fun weekend dear!


  14. I love Anna's bright and playful outfits! They are so much fun!

  15. How fun to learn about your friend Anna! I love her styling strategy of just throwing clothes on the bed to see what pops out! What style comes from it! I gather Tesco is a small privately owned British Island? Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

    xx Darlene

  16. I love Anna's style so much. So many great outfits, here. And I especially love young Grace's style. She can't do any wrong!

    Welcome by and join the linkup on Thursdays. Thank You. =)

  17. I love Anna's daring style. She has a lot of fun with colour. Enjoying this series. Have a good weekend Jacqui x

  18. That was super fun to learn more about Anna! I love her unique and colorful style so much and I really need to visit her blog more often!


  19. I love this series highlighting fellow bloggers—thanks for sharing so many new people for me to follow!
    Cheryl Shops |

  20. Hi Jacqui!
    I enjoyed reading more about Anna. I love to swim but have never swam in the sea! Love Annas colorful style flair!
    jess xx

  21. It's lovely to read more about Anna and her blogging journey! So many fabulous outfits, I love her style!

    Emma xxx

  22. Thank you so much for featuring me in this post Jacqui. The world of blogging has opened up a lot of wonderful new friendships, including yours.

    Have a super weekend!
    Anna xxx


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