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Monday 14 August 2023

What to wear with Tan Sliders

Hello dear friends and thanks for joining me today. 
How’s your weekend been?

A busy one for me and it seems I shut my eyes on Friday evening and opened them again last night and seemed like I blinked! The weekend just flew past and the reason being I was out both Saturday and Sunday so don’t feel like I’ve had a proper weekend!

So on Saturday David and I went with his brother, sister and their partners to a friends Summer party. We had a good old dance to the singer who was there and had bbq’d food and lots of drinks.  We ended up catching the bus, yes the bus into town to meet up with my son and son-in-laws who had been out for a boys day out go-karting and having a few drinks. It wasn’t a late night for me, but I did suffer the next day after broken sleep and a big headache! No more drinking for me …. Until the next time!

On Sunday I went with the family to my sisters for a bite to eat and a few drinks. No I didn’t have anything alcoholic and opted to drive. I felt shattered all day and couldn’t wait to get into bed last night. It was lovely to see the family and extended family at my sister’s house as it’s been a while since we did it. I picked this outfit which was based around some new sandals, so let me know what you think of it!

I've wanted a pair of Dune dupes for ages, but missed out on getting some in Primark when they were on sale.  I decided to try and track some down on Vinted. Much to my pleasure I managed to find these the other week and quickly purchased them.  They arrived on Saturday so I just had to wear them on Sunday for my sister's birthday party.  Now I had the sandals I reached for my white culottes as the white trousers I wanted to wear would have been a bit too long and a tad too hot.  You've seen these shorter trousers before and I finally decided to take off the tortoise shell buttons that were down the front of them, what do you think of them now?  I'm liking them much more and feel happier I've got rid of the in-your-face dare I say ugly buttons.
(Here's what they looked like prior to my adjustment)

I've now seen something that's missing from my wardrobe, you see I wanted to wear a tan top with the white trousers and tan shoes, but haven't got anything suitable hanging up, so that's on my 'need to get' list for when I pop into town again.  I decided to wear this pretty lace creation that I picked up in L'Escala many years ago, but to be honest it still looks like new.  

Final piece to my outfit jigsaw being my circular bag. It's been a nice fit for my culottes therefore I've used it loads of times in the past and no doubt will use it again in the future.  It makes an interesting statement as it's just a bit different.  Also the tortoise shell handles bring an extra dimension to my outfit, where all the different details give lots of extra fashion points eh!

Sliders are mostly worn to the beach or swimming pool areas, but upgrading to a leather or leather look version they are taken up a notch or two making them desirable for a birthday party or family BBQ in the day.  They're also good for letting the air get to our feet, now isn't that needed in the hot weather.  I'm drawing the line at wearing socks with my sliders though, that's one fashion trend I won't be wearing ... ha ha ha! 

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Thanks so much for letting me share this outfit with you and hope you'll come back on Thursday to join the #Chicandstylish #LINKUP
Until then have a wonderful few days my friends.
Cheerio for now. X



  1. I know what you mean about sliders and socks, it just looks so weird! Lovely styling tips, congrats on your Vinted find :)

  2. Very nice relaxed summer outfit in neutral tones. Love the slides and your handbag, Jacqui

  3. While the sliders are quite nice, that lace top is absolutely amazing! I love lace in all forms, and this one in white is just perfect! I hope you have a fabulous week!

  4. Your new sandals look lovely for warmer weather and I like your monochrome white outfit! It's such a pretty top :)

    Thanks for joining the Weekday Wear Link up :)


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