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Monday 26 September 2022

Style not Age Show off Their Luxe Layering.

Morning everyone.
Hope you are well.
Can’t believe it’s the last Monday of September! The weather has changed to too, it’s much cooler and the mornings have dew on the grass and a definite chill in the air.  I know that first hand as I was looking after my son’s puppy last week which called for two visits into the garden in the early hours each night I had her. Our garden isn’t very pet friendly and has no gate to have kept her in! I didn’t want to risk her running off so had to take her out on a lead every time!  She’s home now, and I have to say I’ve missed the little bundle of fur called Halle, our second name is Berry!  It’s most definitely confirmed I don’t want another dog and am content that I can have a part time pet when my son and his family go away again. 

On Saturday night we went to a friends house to have a takeaway curry, it was fun and quite sedate really, no dancing but lots of laughs.  We all need that in our lives don’t we!

On Sunday we had the second roast dinner in quite a few months, it was really nice to have the typical spread and the roast lamb and veg went down rather well as did the hot chocolate with dipped marshmallows that followed - bang goes the calorie counting. 

So let's get back to what's on the agenda today. Me and the ladies from the Style not Age collective have been getting to grips with the latest challenge set by Gail.
She's given us the suitable for the season prompt of ...

Luxe Layering.

Wearing layers is the best way to dress for transitional months.  The weather can be so changeable and we need to be ready and able to change an outfit at the drop of a hat especially in the UK.  Wearing different layers is the best way to keep in control, and wearing luxurious items mean you can look perfectly finished off even when taking clothing off when it gets warm, or donning them when it gets cooler.  My outfit is based around this idea and everything looks fabulous worn together, but by wearing just one of the tops independently it looks just as glam. 

I started with my jeans, these are from River Island and are a light wash which is perfect for Autumnal days and can be teamed with so much.  They're high waist which is rather flattering, as is the straight leg - I feel I'm heading away from the skinny versions I've loved so much, that's not to say you won't be seeing them anymore ... ha ha!  Like the weather I have such a changeable style!!!

I've had the emerald green silky shirt hanging just waiting for a chance to be worn for a couple of months.  It's been way too hot to wear it until now, so you might be seeing a lot more of this silky sensation.  It's a beautiful colour and can be worn with loads of other shades including black and white - the ever-popular combinations that look smashing eh!
My green shoes were the obvious choice as they match my shirt. Not only that, I feel great in them even though they aren't the most comfortable pair I own, you can read about when I wore them to Bottomless Brunch with my daughters last month.

Under the blouse I had this luxurious crochet top in a shiny minx thread that has a hint of lurex through it.  I've had this in my wardrobe for years after wearing it for my day trip on The Orient Express. Then I wore it under a brown suit with ochre orange boots and a cream mac.

I hope I've given you some inspiration to wear your layers in the coming months, and my four friendly ladies have their own version to share with you too, let us know what you think of our Luxe Layering and drop us a comment below. X

First let us look at what Gail picked.  She's gone for a neutral vibe in soft pastels and shiny metallics.
You can see more of the look on her blog Is This Mutton?

Next it's Hilda's turn, you can read all about her that she wore to a friends house on her blog site Over The Hilda. 

Emma - Style Splash chose this flamboyant orange ensemble that really does let us know Autumn is here.  Do stop by to read all about her fabulous look. 

Finally Anna's outfit is based around her fabulous palazzo trousers.  The jacket features all the same colours and mixes brilliantly, pattern mixing at it's best as only Anna does.  Catch more of her look on the blog Anna's Island Style.

Shope My Look!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, great to have you here.
Cheerio for now. X



  1. Looking good, Jacqui! I love how you chose fabrics with such different textures to layer too. Gorgeous! Hugs
    Suzy xx

  2. I loved everyone's outfits and fancy that green silky shirt of yours Jacqui. Definitely a timely prompt. I really needed that coat on Saturday night.

    1. Such a fun prompt, loved it and everyone's looks too!

  3. What a fabulous prompt! You all look amazing...isn't it something how one prompt can generate so many different looks! Love those green shoes even if they're not so comfortable!!

  4. I saw that blouse and very nearly bought it - stunning colour and beautiful with the shoes!

    1. It's such a pretty shade of green, so pleased with it. xx

  5. I love that green shirt and the shoes with it. This was a very timely prompt as our temps in Ireland have really plummeted. xx

    1. It's so pretty and goes really well with my great shoes. x

  6. It sounds like you had a fun weekend. This outfit looks fabulous on you.

    1. We had such a super weekend and the outfit is one of my favourites. x

  7. Love your layering Jacqui! The pops of mint are so pretty and chic.

    1. Thanks so much Kathrine. You are too kind. x

  8. I love the green shirt and shoes! It really is starting to feel chilly now!

    Emma xxx

    1. It's such a pretty style and colour, I have one in pink too!


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