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Monday 29 August 2022

Style Not Age - Share their Maxi's.

Hi there my friends.
Hope you are all okay.

I'm actually away at the moment, well due home today - but not able to sort the blog out I'm afraid so I pre-planned this one.
I've actually had a long weekend in Sicily with David, he's a big fan of The Godfather and has always wanted to visit the island in Italy that holds so many memories of the iconic film.  I'm hoping we've been able to visit the places featured in the film like the cafe that Apollonia's father owns, where he asks for her hand in marriage.  I'll try and share in another post so you can see. X

I've kept the packing to a minimum as we've only got cabin bags plus one extra case between us.  I'm sure I won't need many clothes as we're only there for a couple of days, so long as I've got a few nice dresses and a comfy pair of sandals I'll be a happy bunny! 😉

Anyway back to what usually happens on the last Monday of the month, yes let's take a look at what my friends from Style Not Age have been up to.
It was Hilda's challenge this month and she went with the topic of ....

Maxi Madness.

The madness is that it's a size or two smaller than I would normally wear!!!

So I'm sure you won't be surprised to know that the dress is one of my daughters and it's from Asos. I often feature items I've borrowed from one or other of them.  If it's not a dress it's a bag, necklace or jacket that manages to find it's way onto the blog! Lol.
The madness is that it's a size or two smaller than I would normally wear!!!  Yes I'm chuffed to pieces, it looks good don't you think?

The fabric of my dress is very pretty and has a tiny flower detail over it.  Love the shirring on the bust which has a nice amount of stretch to it.  The sleeves are very flattering - finishing just above the elbow.  I'm enjoying the long split on the front which is offset from the middle, this was a nice and cool addition and very much appreciated, it's been SO hot hasn't it!

It has a fun vibe that would be super for a festival or maybe a drink in the local.  Do tell me if you like to wear a maxi dress?

I love to mix it up now-a-days and look for different tones and textures to add interest to my looks.  So I knew I wanted to wear my rust espadrilles, they just seem to go with the vibe of a flowing summer maxi.  I added a real gem with my orange beauty, it's a Steve Madden, and although small it's a real statement.  Here's a lovely alternative I've found.

I completed my magnificent maxi with one of my birthday presents, the straw hat has been a lovely accessory and I even managed to take it away with me last month.  I somehow got it into my case, with padding inside and around it.  Not sure it will accompany me to Sicily, but I may have a look out there for another smaller version.  As I mentioned above I like to mix it up so I picked two necklaces for the outfit, my gold patterned necklace and also this longer bead and wood plunge style.  This is one of my all time favourites and I've worn it so many times over the past few years, you'll see it pop up quite often!

Thanks for looking at my pretty dress, but shall we take a look at what Anna, Emma, Gail and Hilda have to offer?

As it was Hilda's challenge let's stop by her look first. She's gone for a skirt, and a striking one too!  Hilda's also keeping up the Asos trend. You can see more of Hilda's style on her blog Over the Hilda.

Anna went for a favourable colour that’s very popular this Summer, pass it on to me when you’re done with it Anna!    You can read all about her look over on Anna's Island Style.

Do stop by Emma's blog to read all about her outfit.  You can find her via this link Style Splash.

Last but not least it's Gail's turn.  She's gone for an exciting green maxi dress.  Her madness by not wearing this Asos dress before it's gorgeous!  You can read more about her look on her blog Is This Mutton?

Shop My Look!

I love that you've joined me here today, thank you so much.
Have a wonderful week and I'll see you on Thursday for the #Chicandstylish #LINKUP
Cheerio for now. X



  1. Great dress Jacqui, lucky you to be able to borrow from daughters! Lovely photography too x

    1. I'm sure I will Gail, so lucky to have three girls to borrow from. x Lovely the challenge. x

  2. Oh I adore all of the maxis here! I never liked it that much, but as of this summer I'm loving it all.

    1. Great aren't they! Nice to have the right opportunity to wear them. x

  3. Jacqui, that dress looks beautiful on you! I love the photos too, such a gorgeous backdrop! Would you believe I've never actually seen The Godfather lol?! Crazy, I know!
    Suzy xx

    1. Awe so kind, that's really nice of you to say. I think you should watch it Suzy, we plan to watch it again this week Lol x

  4. You look absolutely fabulous in that beautiful maxi dress. So chic with a touch of boho! Perfect! - Amy

    1. Thanks Amy, another wonderful challenge achieved. x

  5. Gorgeous dress Jacqui! I'd be tempted to keep it! Lovely photos.

    Emma xxx

  6. What a fun challenge Emma, enjoyed this one. x

  7. Great dress Jacqui and so fun that you borrowed it from your daughter. I love your hat as well! Hope your trip was amazing. I really like seeing what your friends are wearing as well! xo

  8. I think you might be borrowing this dress again Jacqui. It is lovely on you.

  9. You are a star in this dress! What a beautiful spot for pictures and you look gorgeous! Love your accessories too.

  10. What a beautiful maxi dress Jacqui! The hat and where you took these photos is perfect for it.

  11. The dress is pretty and it looks beautiful on you!

  12. Your photos remind me of the Flake adverts from back in the 70's Jacqui - so dreamy! I loved this feature and was so pleased with how different we all looked too x


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