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Thursday 21 October 2021

At Home With ..... Michelle - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hello and welcome to the blog.
I like to share my styles & a bit of my lifestyle with you and I'm an over fifty blogger.
Thanks for stopping by, you're just in time to check out another of my blogging friends.
I started the At Home With ... series to share my wonderful friends with you, there's many that you may know, but also some that you might not.  If you'd like to be featured, please do send me an email or drop a message in the comments box below.  Today I'm happy to introduce Michelle - Fifty and Fab to my blog, I'm sure you'll like her just as much as I do. 

It's been a busy week with a couple of gym classes, a ballet class and a trip to see the new Bond film.  Have you seen it yet?  I'm not going to spill any beans on here in case you've not watched it yet ... a little under-whelmed to be honest, and could really have waited to watch indoors - the amount of times some people come and go in the cinema is nobodies business! So annoying!  Why can't they just sit and watch a film!! Grrrr!  Rant over .. lol.
I'm away for the weekend with my mum and sister.  We're off to visit Rye and having stayed there before I know it will be a relaxing time, pondering a few shops, having a bit to eat, a couple of nice evening meals and a good old catch up!  I'll try to take some photos and share how it goes on IG.

Sharing another pink look today - I simply can't get enough of these pretty wide leg trousers and feel they might come away with me at the weekend, just depends on the weather!

So let's get going with the questions for Michelle.

When and why did you start your blog?
  • I started my blog in February 2016, the year I was turning 50.  I was feeling fat, frumpy and fed up & I needed a boot up the backside!  I'd been following other blogs for a while, I loved style and was wondering what to do next as my children were getting to the independent stage.  I asked my son to set up a website for me, I didn't spend too long thinking about it, I just did it!  I started writing, just as a hobby, and thought I'd see where it took me!

Do you have a background in media, if not where did you learn to 'blog'?
  • No background in media, fashion or public relations!  Just a full-time mum, I used to be a PA and I taught myself bookkeeping and helped my husband run his business.  I taught myself the blogging basics by seeing what others were doing, reading bits here and there, I bought a few books and I asked for help.  But my most recent find has been meeting Emma and Louise who run Top Blog Coaching and have an amazing Facebook membership group called Hobby to Heyday, I am learning so much!

What's your favourite pair of shoes atm?
  • I am loving my Veja trainers!  I love that we can now wear trainers with dresses.  It means I am wearing dresses so much more.  My daughter and I had a day out in London, went to the Selfridges Shoe Studio and bought matching Veja's and had lots of fun too.

Do you have a specific style or do you follow fashions?
  • I would say my style is quite classic and simple.  I do like to keep up with current trends,but only if they suit me, not just for the sake of it.It takes me a while to tap into a trend, I am certainly more confident in my 50's than I was in my 20's.

Who do you turn to for help with your blog?
  • For technical advice I ask my son!  But now that I am a member of Hobby to Heyday I ask the group, it is fabulous being part of a tribe, link online colleagues.

Do you have a happy place?  Where might it be?
  • At home in my garden, or a day in London!  I love being in London, my mum was a Londoner and shared her love with me and I shared it with my children.  My daughter will be living and working in London next year.  A day in London always makes me happy.

What was the first item of clothing you bought yourself?
  • Gosh now you are asking!  When I was in my early teens and my dad was a sales rep, during the holidays I'd go with him to visit his customers and we always managed to fit in a bit of shopping, he was much more patient than my mum!  I remember being delighted with a pair of 'drainpipe' Levi jeans and a Fruit of the Loom T-shirt!

What's the most important piece of jewellery you own?
  • I've never taken my wedding ring off.  My mum never took hers off either and I have followed on.  Last Christmas my dad bought me and my sisters a Family Tree necklace from Pandora that is pretty special as he chose it himself and my mum had just had to move to a care home.  I have a few heirloom jewellery pieces though that I don't wear often but will make sure I pass onto my daughter.

Do you prefer to shop in store or online?
  • I prefer to shop in store especially locally where I am known, and I do love a wander in my favourite boutiques, but I am rubbish at a whole day of shopping!  I can only manage a few hours then I get bored!  So, I shop mostly online now, it has been a gradual shift and lockdown's made it even more normal for me.  It means I can think about something and try it on with the rest of my wardrobe, and although the Post Office run can be a bit of a pain it is easier than shop returns!  There is less choice in store nowadays and it has seemed especially dire since the shops reopened, I am hoping it will improve.

Do you take your own photos?  If not, who takes them for you?
  • This is an ongoing challenge!  I mostly take my own, me and my tripod!  But my son is a photographer and videographer, so I do occasionally persuade him to help, especially if I am working with a brand.  My daughter helps when we are out together or when she is home from uni.  My husband is certainly not an insta-husband!!! I do occasionally pay for a photo-shoot if I have a lot that need doing.  Generally though, I prefer my photos to be less staged, more natural, and spontaneous but it isn't always possible.

Michelle Green is also proud to share the following awards:

  • THE B-LIST from BritMums The Swankiest Style Blogger of 2019 7 of our Favourite Style Blogs.
  • NOMINEE Best Over 40s Blogger in the Asquith Adores Blogger Awards
  • FINALIST Beauty and Fashion category Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2018 #BIBs2018

Mobile: 07787360894
Instagram @fifty_andfab

Huge thanks Michelle for joining me today and thanks for your honest and interesting answers.

Time for the #Chicandstylish #LINKUP, do hope you'll add a post or two.

Favourite blogger from last week is Gail - Is This Mutton.  I'm liking this black and white outfit, but the accent of red takes it up to the next level.  Bravo Gail. x

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Glad you could join me today, lookout for another installment of the At Home With ... series next month.
See you on Monday for Style Not Age.
Bye for now. x



  1. Those trousers are gorgeous. And so lovely to read stories from other bloggers.

  2. Lovely to see Michelle here Jacqui xx

  3. I love your chats with bloggers, Jacqui! I'm a little ashamed that I didn't keep mine going though. Michelle sounds like such a lovely lass. I first discovered her when we both posted about the same bra, and then a few weeks ago, the same dress!
    Fabulous interview. Have a fantastic weekend away!
    Suzy xx

    1. She's fabulous Suzy, so funny to hear you were posting the same things! I've done that with bloggers too. x

  4. Thank you so much Jacqui for featuring me and my blog today! I hope you have a lovely weekend away with your mum and sister. I have booked to see James Bond on Saturday evening, although talking about comings and goings - my daughter and I went to the theatre to see pretty woman and several people left in the interval!!! Why would you? My daughter gets home for half term tomorrow! Love Michelle xx

    1. Thanks Michelle. Yes it's funny why people would book and pay and then miss half the show! Very strange. Hope you enjoy it and have a super time with your daughter. x

  5. I love your pink pants and it's so good when you can introduce us to another blogging friend :)

    Thanks for the link up.

    Hope you are having a great week :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. So kind, thanks so much Mica, have a super week. x

  6. So fun to learn about Michelle! Going to check out her blog and IG! Hope you are having a wonderful trip!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. Thanks Jill. Glad to introduce you to new bloggers. x

  7. Lovely to learn more about Michelle!

  8. Thank you for introducing us to Michelle. She has a great sense of style. And thanks for the party.

  9. Always fun to learn more about the bloggers I already follow! Love that you are finding so many different ways to wear your pink trousers!

  10. These are all such cute outfits1 Love it!


  11. that snake tops looks so FABULOUS with your pink pants..pretty!


  12. Love those bright pink trousers—more please! And I haven't seen the new Bond movie but now I think I might wait till it's streaming. Thank you for introducing me to another new (to me) blogger!
    Cheryl Shops |

    1. Great aren’t they, a real show stopper! Thanks for stopping hunny x

  13. Love this animal print and pink combo! It was fun to learn about Michelle!

    1. Nice to find out about other bloggers. Many thanks for stopping by x

  14. Very thrilled to be favourite blogger! Good to learn more about Michelle. Kudos to her for turning a blog into an effective business, and raising the profile of local companies.

    1. You’re welcome Gail, love that outfit, and I think you were favourite with a lot of other blogs too xx

  15. Beautiful outfits and I love reading about other bloggers too! I cant remember the first article of clothing I bought.!
    jess xx

  16. Ok, that snakeskin top was made to go with that bright pink shade! So gorg! Have fun on your trip!!


    1. Many thanks is Carrie xx will pop over to join you xx

    2. Many thanks is Carrie xx will pop over to join you xx


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