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Sunday 17 April 2016

Five Things that made me happy.

Five things that made me happy this week.
Hi quite straight forward, so here goes with five things I've relished this week:

My Next Shimmer Baseball Trainers
I've never really bought anything like this and have been a bit wary as to how they would look on me, but hey what-do-ya-know they're cool.  Yes a fifty something can wear them! Lace up with a great shimmer to them in sizes 3 1/2 to 9, some half sizes in-between which meant I could get a comfy 6 1/2.  Upon styling them in the week, I've totally fall in love, wanting to wear them the very next day I bought them but it was raining and didn't want to end up with dirty wet trainers!

Bottle of Jimmy Choo Eau De Parfum
I don't know about you but I've got about half a dozen different perfumes in my collection all suitable for different events.  Smells can instantly take me back to a time and a place, evoking the same memories, feelings and emotions that happened when I first smelt the scent.  This particular perfume was a belated Christmas present forgotten to be wrapped and so I received it just before going on a skiing holiday.  Jimmy Choo takes me straight back to all the fun had skiing and all the people that were there - including first holiday with Princess. What a lovely memory.

Saturday Night in with a Curry.
As much as I love going out on a Saturday Night I also love staying in with a Curry - a delivered Curry that is - no cooking for me on a Saturday night!  Don't get me wrong I still like to have a good old boogie occasionally, but with the legs suffering the next day it's not something I want to do often, besides I'm normally ready for bed when the girls are upstairs drinking and giggling before they even get out the door!  I can hear my hubby now "are they really going out now I'll be going to bed soon".
So back to Curry night - my choices are Chicken Patia, Chicken Dhansak, Chicken Tikka Masalla or a King Prawn Patia - oh I'm salivating now at the thought! Obviously included with this an alcoholic beverage or two would be consumed!

This H & M Jacquard-weave Jacket.
This was a must have jacket I purchased a couple of weeks ago, in the sale at H & M I couldn't believe it was only £15 and in my size! I find H & M tend to come up a bit small so sometimes sizing up is a good option.  I however found the size 14 fitted a treat.  Its cream with grey zig zag, strip detail is makes it a fab little jacket that looks elegant at the same time.  I've so far worn over jeans a few times, also a good option for a more dressier outfit with a skirt.  This is going to get so much wear over the coming months and I'm so pleased it 'found' it's way into my wardrobe!

Last but not least!
M & S White Sandals.
I bought these last year in M & S toyed with another couple of styles but I opted for these and I'm glad I did because this style seems to be a great option for Summer.  I keep getting them out and trying them on but it's way to cold for me to even think about bare legs yet...not to mention my legs are way to pale to expose them yet!  I spotted a similar pair on line at M & S for £49.50! Two colour ways Tan and Navy and I reckon they'd make a great addition to anyone's shoe collection - especially mine!

M & S now in £49.50!

So there you have it Five things that made me happy this week.  Hope you liked them.  What are your Five things that made You happy this week?
- I'd love to hear. X

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  1. Great post! Funny you mentioned your Jimmy Choo scent. I picked up Angel last night after not using it for months. It was perfect for the wedding I went to. Also loved the flowy dress I wore. Today I'm attending a family BBQ. I ran four days this week and I bought a new pair (discounted of course) of Addidas running shoes! 5 things! ��������������������

  2. Wow, My daughter wears Angel, and It reminds me of her, running how good are you - I've still not started again yet! Great to her from you Celia and thank you.x


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