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About Me.

Hi there, my name is Jacqui and I've now arrived in my 50's. I live with my soul mate husband, five wonderful grown up children, three girls and two boys, my gorgeous little grand-daughter and baby grand-son.

Family means the world to me and I enjoy nothing more than spending valuable time with them all. As you can imagine it's a busy house with four of my offspring still living at home.  There's always something to do from cooking for about six to general day to day running of our house.

Having three daughters is great - someone to stroll the shops with, experiment with make-up and style outfits together.  They get ideas from me and I get style tips from them win, win!

I have to say shopping is one of my favourite things to do, there's nothing like wandering round the shops, seeing the new season clothes, checking out the new colour choices and trying things on, I just can't understand why most men don't enjoy it!

Hoping you like my new blog, it's something i've wanted to start for a while and it's quite overwhelming working things out, but I'm slowly learning more and more each day.
If you'd like to following along with me to see how and where is goes that would be awesome.

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