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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Are you HAPPY?

Good morning, are you happy?

This post should have gone out weeks ago, but just couldn't find the right outfit I had in mind, so here it is better late than never!

Wanted to share with you this lovely book I received for Mothers Day.
My daughter delighted me with Fearne Cotton's book HAPPY some weeks ago, and I couldn't wait to start reading it.
I have to be in the right frame of mind to read a book , and it's something I don't do very often.  My normal situation to read is on a flight - takes my mind of where I am!!

Happy is a book about Depression, I wouldn't class myself as being depressed at all, but thought it might be an interesting read and I may learn something.

It reads "little things keep your mental health at bay and is packed with ideas and practical exercises to join in with her journey."
I'll keep you updated as to what my impression of the book is like ...

Love the colours on my new Mothers Day Cath Kidston mug, perfect colours to match my book.

I was so inspired by the colours on the cover and felt I wanted to see if I could create a suitable outfit to incorporate some/all of the colours.

Here's what I ended up with ...

I know I like bright colours but I really can't see me wearing this outfit out, definitely not out out either!
Therefore I've tried to style these colours but slightly muted down with black trousers which is more how I'd wear it.

I'm calling this a 'Rainbow scarf' for obvious reasons, borrowed from middle daughter, I'm not sure where she acquired it from, but it can be paired with a multitude of coloured pieces, making it a versatile little acquisition that maybe she won't notice missing!

The trousers I'm wearing are basic straight leg.  I've worn these numerous times and certainly got my monies worth from this Dorothy Perkins key item.  Every over fifty fashionista should own at least one pair!

This basic yellow silky top is one of many coloured staples in my wardrobe,  I'd recommend getting this style of top in the significant colourways of black, white, blue and red, also adding a couple of seasonal tones that will enhance your wardrobe, which will, in turn, mix and match with all the on-trend fashion additions you care to buy.  Coming from Matalan for just under £20 - Superb!

I really needed this pale blue long line cardigan when taking these photos, come to think of it a fur coat may have gone down a treat - it was bloody freezing - don't let the gorgeous sunshine and blue sky fool you, we had hail stones and sleet about an hour later!!!  Typical British weather!
View what else I paired my F & F cardi with here.

Have you got an exciting long weekend lined up? 
I'll be enjoying a little celebration with friends and family for hubby's birthday - that's the thing with a large family - plenty of birthday parties!
So with a Birthday, a Bank Holiday and beautiful grandchildren I'm definitely saying Yes - I'm Happy.

Don't forget to pop back on holiday Monday as there's an interesting little project in the pipe line - please don't miss it!

Until Monday, thanks I'm chuffed you've taken the time to visit,  I hope you can leave a comment. X


Monday, 24 April 2017

Hello Monday - Another Style Steal!

Hello and welcome back to my blog!

How's your weekend been?
I've enjoyed a special day yesterday as it was my eldest daughter's Birthday.  I can't be old enough to have a grown up daughter with children of her own!  I recall the day she told us they were engaged - visions of 'Father of the Bride' came to mind with Steve Martin's character double take look at his daughter announcing she was "getting married"!
All he could see was his six year old speaking!
But guess what, I am old enough and I have got a grown up daughter who's married WITH children - god I sound at least 52!!!! Lol.
She popped round for presents, cake and a glass of bubbly (I had bubbly she had tea!) we had a great catch up, and a few cuddles with my princess and prince - cos I hadn't seen them in AGES!! (In house joke between me and my princess), Okay the day before actually!!

Needing a little inspiration today, and where else to find that, but in the form of your wonderful blogs.
Whilst flicking through some over the weekend I spotted the gorgeous Andrea from Living on Cloud Andrea Nine wearing her denim jean jacket, along with a basic black dress and cute slip on pumps she looked very casual, but also very chic. 
I decided to try and re-create this look but with a slight change - a black jumpsuit instead of a dress.
I've shown this before Here, but forgive the bad photos please!

Everyone should have a jumpsuit in their wardrobe, I mean who doesn't love a jumpsuit?  I've got two, but looking to amend that anytime soon - there's always room for another one or three *wink, wink*!

I borrowed this black and silver choker from middle daughter, it's a Primark cheapy but looks spot on, only draw back it's so bloody small!  I can barely get it to reach round my neck!

This black crepe romper has very, yes very wide legs giving it a long dress kind of look and feel come to that, a tie waist, which could be exchanged for a rigid belt or even a chain belt would look fab!  Fitting in with the fabulous frilly theme that's raging everywhere atm, it has a frill around the top of the bust, which I'm afraid I didn't catch in these shots!  I have to add these were the first shots taken, by me on my own and 'on location' hehehe.  But I'll try to remember to hide the remote control in future - can you spot it?
Spaghetti straps which are great for warmer days, plus the obvious cover-up being my denim jacket. 

I simple adore my denim jean jacket. It's an item I nearly always go back to for so many occasions -
I get SO much wear out of this and it's been around for ages.
I'd recommend a denim jean jacket as a staple for any over fifties jacket collection, they're in most shops and come in such a huge collection of colours, styles and fits, you could have one for everyday of the week or month come to that!
Check out these cool choices Next for £32, M & S for £49.50 or this alternative white option from Debenhams for £34.96.

"In the right denim a girl can conquer the world"!

Until Thursday it's been great 'chatting' ... X


Thursday, 20 April 2017

Found MY perfect Chambray Shirt Dress!

Morning, hope you've enjoyed the shorter week.  Not long till the weekend - yay!

Today I wanted to share with you an item that I've been yearning for ... well for absolutely ages!

I've been searching for a chambray shirt dress for such a long time, never finding the 'right' one!  They're either too short, too fitted, the wrong style or just not 'me'! 
Today had me in and out the stores, up and down the aisles, fighting the tourists in town and nearly giving up!
I've been in M & S, Debenhams, Dorothy Perkins, Next to name but a few, with no avail!  Just about to throw in the towel I wandered into my local Matalan store and spotted this one!  Just the perfect length, buttons up the front, tie belt, cute collar and short sleeves.  This Tencil material is so soft and smooth, and is also machine washable - like a comforting cuddle, with a helping hand.  It has slits up either side, but being below the knee they didn't affect the overall look.  (I don't like to show too much leg).
This beauty only set me back £22, and I know I'm going to be wearing this for many seasons to come.
I couldn't wait to get it home and pair it with a whole variety of colours and accessories - eventually deciding on this one.  These tan court shoes, from Debenhams I received for Mothers Day, a tan bead necklace plus my summer beach basket bag - oh and my sunnies!

My basket bag was a gift from my Bestie a few years ago, I bring this out to air several times a year - mainly when on holiday - it's perfect to carry essentials like a towel, sun cream, phone and my purse.  It's got a lining with a drawstring, making it a very safe bag when I'm on my holidays, strolling the shops and relaxing on the beach.
But it's also fabulous for nipping to a quiet little spot and flip through a magazine in the sunshine - when I have the time! 😏
My basket has ample room for my serviceable and essential Bag Tidy! so nothing will be forgotten.

How you would style this Chambray Shirt Dress?
I've got plenty of other ideas, but would love to hear what you'd do. X

I think I've made a big mistake when taking these photos, with the sun reflecting on the lens!
I prefer to say it's my Guardian Angel!
One to remember next time I think.  Anyone want to recommend a beginners guide to photography?

“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.”
Thomas Campbell


Monday, 17 April 2017

Wearing a beach cover-up as a top? and Easter Bonnets.


How was your Easter Holiday,  more's the point are you still off today to continue enjoying it, and even more importantly are you still chomping your way through chocolate?
I'm feeling rather excited as the whole family are coming over for a huge roast and all the trimmings! Followed by Vanilla Cheesecake - a banging Vanilla Cheescake at that.
I love having family round, the older generation along with the younger members of my family. 
It's going to be a tad tight indoors likewise very noisy! 

Thinking back to Easter Saturday,

Saturday night had me at a party, not just any party but an Easter Bonnet Party (I think that's just an excuse to have a party - but that's fine with me he he!)
The only requirement to gain entry - Wearing a decorated Easter Bonnet upon arrival.
From the offset I didn't have a clue what to make, but figured by starting with a basic bonnet and some chicks, bunnies, eggs and other paraphernalia from the craft section, my bonnet might appear!
And eventually it did appear, after sticking, cutting, drawing and plenty of asking "where shall I put this, what shall I do with that"?  The spotlight was on my splendid Easter Hat.  
No - It's no good I'll have to 'fess up'
I didn't have anything to do with the production of my Bonnet, my middle daughter and god-daughter Georgina can take all the responsibility, praise and glory!  What a splendid job they did too!
Thanks girls I reckon I might win with this one. X
What do you think? 

Here's hubby's Easter Bonnet, more along the lines of Angry Bird!  The girls made this for my hubby too.
Angry bird is what they were aiming for - and I think they created a rather good copy,  if he hadn't arrived with a decorated bonnet the hostess would of been a very Angry Bird instead!! ha ha.

Here's the full assortment of Bonnets the girls made, didn't they do a good job?

Back to my #ootd, I'm asking the question ...

Can you wear a beach cover-up as a top when you're not going to the beach?

I saw this gorgeous pink cover-up on a recent visit to Matalan - drawn obviously by the colour, pink!
I decided to try this challenge out just to see what it would look like, and without a grain of sand in sight I reckon it looks delightful.
The colourful pattern, the soft, light and flimsy feel of the cloth, the tassel tie all enhance this paisley print kaftan making it a double delight for not only your holiday wardrobe, but your floaty blouse collection too.
Because it is a very sheer, transparent material, I've added a turquoise blue vest  T shirt underneath, which turns it into a stunning top for an evening out in the summer also warmer Spring evenings.
I've added my silk covered beads, also in turquoise which picks out one of the colours in the kaftan, but I could also have chosen, lemon, white or there's a slight purple in the print making it an all round, adaptable top.
You can pick this up in Matalan for £14, a cheap top that you can get double the wear - result!

Here you can really see how stunning this kaftan is, striking, bright colours equally at home on the beach as well as a fancy restaurant! 

With the addition of white three quarter length jeans (these are a must in any over fifties jean collection)  mine are from Wallis, but plenty of stores stock them including these from
M & S for £25!   I've paired my white, cork wedge sandals simply because I love wearing them - they're cute, comfortable and continuing to be my 'go to' choice for this and next season.  I wish I'd bought the tan option too!

Well I think the answer is yes - you can adapt a beach wear kaftan for an every day blouse, by just adding a corresponding coloured vest or cami top.
What do you think, is this something you would do?

I hope this gives you some inspiration to try something out of the ordinary, and step outside your box, what's the worst thing that can happen?

Anyway enough of my forward thinking to summer outfits, I'm now off to prepare my family roast!
I'll probably have a bit lot of chocolate to hand,  and a few cuddles from my princess and prince, three of my favourite things ... Heaven!

Back again on Thursday. X

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